About Us

Begun in 2011 while on my way to take Mom to her final resting place, Groovy Accents has grown into a vibrant small American business. The early years were spent manufacturing groovy earrings in large quantities and selling them at music and art festivals from Texas to California.

 Being a vendor at music and art festivals eventually took it’s toll on me and my family. It’s truly grueling physical labor so we decided to stop retailing and focus solely on a wholesale business format.

 Creating music merch for musicians and bands has always been my ultimate goal. If I was tired of the same old merch, millions of others had to be too.  I knew folks loved our products after selling thousands of pairs across the country over the early years. I love the products we create and I wear them almost daily. As a result, I’ve been a moving advertisement and surprisingly, I’ve sold countless pairs off my own body. 

 But how could I get them in front of the right people in the music industry? 

Over the last 30 or so years, a handful of businesses monopolized the music merch industry and have a stranglehold on musicians through extreme contracts. These fabulous big name bands cannot even speak to Groovy Accents, let alone buy custom products from us. That left Groovy Accents stymied. Thinking outside the box, we approached Indie bands and music themed restaurants and venues with gift shops. This has enabled us to get our groovy products into music fans ears all over America and the world!